I started rescuing reptiles almost 2 years ago. I have always loved them, and it breaks my heart to see the way they are often treated and reviled.

I officially 'started' my rescue, "The Dragonz' Den" around Halloween 2013. That is when it finally had a name. The name is in respect to the 3 bearded dragons I had at the time, who still happily rule my house: Smaug, Tiamat, and Kaida. I have since acquired a few more (thanks to Smaug and Tiamat). I also keep snakes and geckos, but the dragons really are the overlords.

My goal is to get out there with the dragons and other reptiles, and show people that reptiles are beautiful creatures worthy of respect, not fear. I want people to see that reptiles are good, friendly, loving pets too.